Other Projects

Bat Conservation RO

Bat conservation in Pădurea Craiului, Bihor and Trascău Mountains Project duration: 2010 – 2013 The project was co-financed by the Life Programme of the European Union Project objectives were: – to ensure the long term conservation of the bat populations in the project area; – to increase awareness among the general public of the ecological importance of…

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Central European Miniopterus Protection Programme

The objectives of the programme were the following: To identify all important factors for the conservation of the species’ roosts and habitats To identify recent and potential threats To continue the monitoring of the most important colonies and roosts To collect and analyse all available information of Miniopterus schreibersii in the participating countries To prepare…

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European Bat Night

Every year, in august-september, in the european countries celebrates the „European Bat Night”. For a whole weekend take place excursions, exhibition and the participants are offered informative materials. In Romania this event was celebrated by our team in colaboration with our different parteners from regions like: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iaşi, Miercurea Ciuc,Târgu-Mureş, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Timişoara.…

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“Together for the bats” program

In April 2001, our NGO launched a project financed by the Flora&Fauna International Foundation. This project investigated the condition of the greater horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus ferrumequinum) in Transylvania. As a result of this research we put together the methodology for greater hoseshoe bat conservation.

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The Eco-Tur program.

In 2001 the our team was a partener in the project developed by the Transylvanian Carpathian Association, financed by the Ökotárs Foundation, which targeted the protection of the wetlands in the Tur river’s valley. Our association furnished all the data about the bats living in those areas. The investigation were done with ultrasound detectors, and…

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Bat Monitoring National Program

A project developed in partenership with the Bat Conservation Trust During 2002-2003, the our NGO runed a project and put in practice a national strategy regarding the bat monitoring in Romania. The purpose of the program was to develope the necesary methods for the identification of the changes that appare in the bat populations and…

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Long term protection of bats

The Long term protection of bats together with the local communities from the Carpathians and the Apuseni Mountains project was conducted during 1 July 2005 – 15 October 2006. The purpose of the project was to assure the sustainable conservation of subterranean habitats used by bats in 5 karst areas from the Carpathians and the…

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Supporting the bat conservation in Romania

A project financed by Rufford Small Grant The purpose of the project was the implication and training of volunteers in bat preotection and the monitorization of 4 bat species in the frame of the Bat Monitoring National Program. The objectives were undertaken the following activities: The organization of 2 workshops for 36 participants, where they…

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I Bats Romania

Why arte bats so important? In addition to having a major role in sustaining ecological balance, they are the only flying mammals that hunts at night feeding on insects. Currently in their research, biologists put higher accent on the absence / presence of bats in the known habitats. Because bats are very sensitive to changes…

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