Together for nature – bat conservation in anthropic habitats by reducing human impacts

The project aims was to contribute to the long-term conservation of bat populations in the country by reducing the impact of human activities on them.

The main objectives were to establish the effects of public lighting and light pollution on bat activity, the development of guidelines on sustainable use of habitat types important for bat conservation and increasing public awareness on bat conservation as well as the impact of human activities, implemented in two local communities.

Important activities during the project:

  • Collecting data on the effects of public lighting and light pollution on bat activity.
  • Elaborating a study based on these results and submitting it to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, as well as proposing to inclusion of the aspects of light pollution in the process of environmental impact assessment.
  • Training of 15 volunteers, who are members of environmental NGOs and representatives of institutions with biodiversity conservation concerns, volunteers who can participate in data collection and analysis.
  • Collecting data on the presence and activity of bats in different habitat types and the development of guidelines on sustainable land use, to promote conservation of bat populations.
  • Organizing a meeting (each) with the local communities, to identify potential problems of bat conservation in the target areas of the project.
  • Organizing presentations in schools of the targeted areas of the project and the organization of practical activities, construction and installation of artificial shelters for bats.

Target area of the project: Data collection that was the basis of publications, guidelines developed was collected at country level. Local communities where took place activities for public awareness and environmental education were carried out are Turulung (Satu Mare County) and Dealu (Harghita County).

Duration of the project: 2009 March 1 – 2010 October 31 (20 months)

Financed by: The Small Grants Programme (SGP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)

Additional information:
Csaba Jére – project coordinator
Tel: 0722348851, e-mail: Successfully Encoded

Szilárd Bücs – project assistant
Tel: 0723372676, e-mail: