The Romanian Bat Protection Association is a non-profit, non governmental organization, that unifies those people from Romania who are interested in bat research and bat protection.

Our mission is to promote activities in the field of bat protection and research focusing on general environmental protection as well.

Our goals are achieved by the following activities:

  • Raising public awareness on the importance of the protection of bats and their habitats trough the media and other means.
  • Assuring environmental education by camps, field trips, slides projections and courses for all ages
  • Publishing scientific and informative materials.
  • Building and maintaining contacts with bat researchers all around the world.
  • Obtaining standardised methods and goals in bat research and protection in national level.
  • According special attention and protection to bat populations from natural reservations and to the rare and endangered bat species.
  • Working out proposals and strategies in bat protection, submitting them to environmental agencies and institutions.
  • Making practical bat protection activities and raising public awareness on them.
  • Involving and guiding people interested in bat research assuring them professional education in this field.
  • Keeping good relation and co-operating with institutes or agencies interested in bat research.
  • Assuring professional consulting in the bat protection and research to people interested in this issue.
  • Connecting national and international organisations interested in bat research and protection and co-operating with them.