Long term conservation of bats in their anthropic environment by high involvement of local communities

Implementation period: 2014-2016

Grant amount: 133.478,10 euro

The project is financed thru SEE grants, 2009-2014, in the frame of NGO Found in Romania, sustainable development component.

The main goal of the project is: to establish proper condition for bats which accommodate in anthropic areas. Due to the human activities of renovation/restoration of the buildings, the building dwelling bats are facing with many threats, so urgent protection measures are needed. In order to solve this we will follow the objectives above:

  1. protection of the most threatened bat colonies of buildings from 6 counties
  2. dissemination of good practices and the gained experiences during the project
  3. increasing the level of knowledge and making aware the local communities on the importance bat protection

The main beneficiaries of the project are: building owners where bats exists, local communities, volunteers, children from the targeted areas, bats.

Expected results: bat colonies will be protected, 5 buildings will be modified in batfriendly way, 50 accommodation will be evaluated and classified based on threats, the targeted local communities of 6 counties will be informed, trained volunteers that will be able to run bat conservation actions, informational materials will be edited and distributed.